A guardian is a person appointed by a court to manage the affairs of a person who is incapacitated. A guardian may be appointed to manage the financial affairs of a person at significant risk of harm because of a demonstrated inability to adequately manage property or financial affairs. A guardian may be appointed to make health care and other non-financial decisions for a person at significant risk of harm because of a demonstrated inability to adequately provide for nutrition, health, housing or physical safety.


Establishing a Guardianship, whether it is for a minor child or an adult can be a very complicated process. People Paralegal understands most people cannot afford the high cost of an attorney to resolve a matter, that in most cases, must be done to alleviate a pressing family issue.

People Paralegal offers a flat fee service for preparation of legal documents regarding guardianship and provides fast, accurate, and caring service.

* These services are available for all counties in the state of Oregon and may be completed entirely on-line via email.

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For your convenience, you can download a questionnaire and fill it out in the comfort of your own home with no obligation or payment.  Once the questionnaire is complete, you can save it to your computer and email it to us and we will send you an invoice to complete the credit card payment via a secure server.

Download a fillable questionnaire with no obligation or payment until you are ready to have us complete your documents.

​Adult Guardianship Questionnaires:

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Flat fee for either Adult or Minor Guardianship document preparation:

$400   (this does not include court filing fees)

​Oregon Court filing fees:  $117 (As of October 1, 2017)


 Guardianship of an Adult

While trying to make the decision to establish guardianship of an elderly, ill, or disabled parent or spouse can be painful and stressful, our goal is to do everything we can to make the actual legal process of establishing guardianship as easy as possible.

​                          ​​Guardianship of a Minor

When determining whether to represent yourself in a minor guardianship action, you must first determine whether your case will be contested or uncontested by the child's biological parents if they are alive.  The most common type of minor guardianship occurs usually by a child's grandparents when the child's biological parents are unable to carry out their parental responsibilities. We prepare Minor Guardianship documents for self-represented persons so long as at least one of the parents will consent to the guardianship.  If both parents object to the guardianship then you will need to proceed with an attorney.